Jews for Judaism speaker to discuss Jewish survival

By: Linda Salomons

A free program will be offered to the entire community, titled “Meeting Today’s Challenges to Jewish Survival,” on Sunday, December 6, from 10:30 am-noon, at the Jewish Community Center. The program is one of the many topics offered through the Jews for Judaism Speaker’s Bureau with the goal of keeping Jews Jewish. The program is being funded by the Jewish Federation of Broome County with additional assistance from the Jewish Community Center and Beth David Synagogue.
A recent full-page ad in various Jewish publications warned, “If you’re Jewish, chances are your grandchildren won’t be.”  The program will examine four serious threats to Jewish continuity – aggressive Christian evangelism, manipulative cults, intermarriage and the lure of Eastern religions – as well as the ways to meet these challenges. “Jews for Judaism provides inspirational programs all across the country and Canada,” said organizers of the program. “Their mission is to keep Jews Jewish and their programs can provide a powerful way to strengthen communities against the threat of deceptive and aggressive missionaries.”
Jews for Judaism was founded by a group of community activists to counter missionary activity targeting Jewish people and to win back those Jews who had already converted from Judaism. The organization monitors and provides prevention education to Jews who have been influenced by Christian missionaries. Jews for Judaism has six international offices, which have become an essential resource promoting Jewish continuity worldwide.