Federation looking for volunteers for new committees

By: Reporter staff

The Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton will form two new committees this fall and is looking for volunteers to be committee members. One committee will focus on getting more people – including those on the Binghamton University campus – involved in Federation activities. The second will be a Legacy Committee, which will help construct the process, forms, materials, etc. for contributing to the Federation through wills and trusts.
“The local Jewish community is getting smaller,” said Sima Auerbach, executive director of the Federation. “Unfortunately, the needs of our community have not decreased. We are looking for ideas on how to better fund these needs.”
Auerbach noted that “we often talk about the demographics of our community, but how do we get these people involved? We need the input of all ages – from teenagers to those in their 90s. Everyone has something unique to offer. If you know of uninvolved members of the Jewish community, but are not comfortable reaching out, help us construct the list of possibilities.”
She added, “We need to know where to look, your thoughts on why you give, are involved and what could be the impetus for others. I am looking for people either willing to help create the process or people comfortable reaching out.”
Auerbach also mentioned how wonderful it is when someone remembers the Federation in their will. “Often, to our surprise, we get letters from law offices telling us that the Federation has been graciously named in someone’s will,” she said. “This is a wonderful opportunity anyone can take. It enables them to contribute to our community even when they are no longer with us. That will truly make their name be remembered for a blessing.”
Anyone interested in joining either of these committees should contact Auerbach at 724-2332 or dirjfbc@gmail.com.