Issue 38

Friday, September 22, 2017

Local News

Sukkot across Greater Binghamton

There will be a progressive Sukkot Community Nosh and Shmooze held on Sunday, October 8, beginning at 2 pm. 

Jewish Federation International Film fest

“On the Map” on Sept. 24

Jewish Federation International Film fest

“Walk on Water” on Oct. 1

College of Jewish Studies Program fall 2017: “Divided by Victory: The Legacy of the Six-Day War”

The Six-Day War has been called “one of the most significant events in modern Israeli history.”

Memorial service at Holocaust Memorial Monument on Sept. 24

Area rabbis will lead a memorial service on Sunday, September 24, at 10:30 am, at the Holocaust Memorial Monument in the Temple Israel Cemetery on Conklin Avenue in Conklin.


Book Review: Passion and ink

The passion for writing, the ecstasy of knowledge, the joy of learning – the sheer pleasure of thought and understanding underlies scholarly research.


Floods and plagues

The ability to plan ahead is considered one of the signs of a mature adult. 

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