Issue 13

Friday, March 27, 2020


Jewish resources to occupy your family while self-distancing

A variety of Jewish groups are offering online resources – educations and recreational – for those who are not allowed out of the house. Below is a sampling of those. The Reporter publish additions listings as they become available. 

Book review: Families, Nazis and the aftermath of the Holocaust

Graphic novels are not a new addition to the genre of Holocaust fiction. In fact, comic books in the 1950s-60s were among the first to speak about the Nazi war against the Jews. However, graphic works related to the war and its aftermath continue to be published and the range of the material varies greatly. For example, two new works – “Chasing Echoes” by Dan Goldman and George Schall (Humaniods) and “In the Spider Web” adapted by Avraham Ohayon from a novel by Chaim Eliav (Feldheim Publishers) – take place in different time periods and focus on how the past affects families in distinct ways. 

Book review: Another haggadah – this time by Tablet

I have a friend who collects haggadot (the plural of haggadah). She’s always looking for new and interesting ones for her collection. That means finding those with either beautiful illustrations, contemporary readings or new commentary. I don’t think of myself as a collector and have turned down offers of review copies of new haggadot because most of them didn’t look as if they contained anything interesting or different enough for me to write about.


From the desk of the executive director: With gratitude

We are all experiencing an unprecedented and challenging time.

In my own words: Ignorance, fear and hatred

I’ve read many novels that offer a view of the inner life of Christians. However, the young adult novel “No True Believers” by Rabiah York Lumbard (Crown) is one of the few I’ve read to present a serious look at the internal world of an American Muslim.

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