Issue 44

Friday, November 2, 2012

Local News

Erik Kandel and Elie Wiesel to speak on Nov. 7 at Federation’s 92Y Live

The Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton will host the 92Y Live program "Mind, Body and Soul" featuring Eric Kandel and Elie Wiesel with Dr. Gail Saltz on Wednesday, November 7, at 7:30 pm, at the Jewish Community Center, 500 Clubhouse Rd., Vestal. It will be a DVD broadcast of a program held earlier in November at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.

Storahtelling program at Temple Beth-El in Ithaca

Temple Beth-El will hold Storahtelling at services at Temple Beth El on Friday, November 16, at 6:15 pm, and Saturday, November 17, at 10 am. The program will feature two presenters, called "mavens" by Storahtelling, who will translate the words of the Torah and provide the social and historical contexts of the stories through Hebrew chanting, dramatized English translation and interactive commentary that includes elements of "Bibliodrama."

Israel News

Rockets from Gaza continue to bombard southern Israel

Some 20 rockets fired from Gaza struck southern Israel the night of Oct. 28 and morning of Oct. 29. The rockets landed in unpopulated areas and did not cause any injury or damage.

Israeli solar power pioneers take global step forward

The president of Arava Power Company, Yosef Abramowitz, hired a Tel Aviv firm to raise $10 million to fund the development of solar fields outside Israel.

National News

Jewish communities grapple with baby boomer retirement boom

Every Jewish community wants more Raymonde Fiols among its active retirees. The question is whether those communities are prepared to meet the needs she and hundreds of thousands of "younger seniors" and older ones will have in the near future.


The journeys of her life

The adage "old age is not for sissies" doesn’t exactly apply to Rachel Josefowitz Siegel because she believes all stages of life offer unique opportunities if you’re willing to grow and change. "Old is not a dirty word," she said in an e-mail interview.

Book review: New approaches to holiday joy

When I was in rabbinical school, we were required to buy two books on the Jewish holidays: "The Jewish Holidays: A Guide and Commentary" by Michael Strassfeld and "Seasons of Our Joy: A Modern Guide to the Jewish Holidays" by Rabbi Arthur O. Waskow. Why the second book when the Strassfeld work contained all the factual information we needed to know? Because Waskow took a different approach: He sought to identify new and meaningful ways to appreciate and observe the holidays. In order to introduce his work to a new generation, The Jewish Publication Society has reprinted the original version (which was first published in 1982) with a new afterward by the author.


Individual desires vs. society’s needs

I used to love to read about anthropology and psychology. Since I started reviewing for the paper, the overwhelming amount of nonfiction I read, though, is Judaic studies. However, in the past year, I’ve been trying to refocus on some of my other interests, if only for a change of pace. That’s why I was excited to see Edward O. Wilson had published a new book.

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