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Friday, August 09, 2013

Local News

JCC to host outdoor band concert on August 14

Overture, the beginning adult band formed at the Jewish Community Center by local musician, conductor and teacher Kim Metaxas, will perform a free concert for the public on Wednesday, August 14, from 7-8 pm, on the lawn at the JCC, 500 Clubhouse Rd., Vestal. The performance will be open to the entire community, will be family friendly and people have been encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets.

Temple Concord Sisterhood honored with International WRJ award for special achievement in programming

Temple Concord Sisterhood has been honored with the Silver Women of Reform Judaism Or Ami “Light of My People” Award for social justice programmatic achievement during 2011-13.

Israel News

Haredi men attack bus in Beit Shemesh after woman reportedly refuses move to back

(JTA) – Haredi Orthodox assailants in Beit Shemesh smashed the windows of a bus after a woman refused to sit apart from men. The trouble began on the afternoon of July 31 when a haredi man demanded that a female passenger move to the back of the crowded public bus in Beit Shemesh, a sprawling suburb located near Jerusalem. When she refused, four haredi men blocked the bus, smashed the windshield and broke other windows with a hammer, according to reports.

National News

Jewish newcomers bring optimism, but can they revive small towns in the South?

(JTA) – Standing beneath the chuppah during his wedding in May, Doug Friedlander said he felt a “magical moment,” and it wasn’t just because of his blushing bride. Theirs was the first Jewish wedding in Helena, AR, in more than 20 years.

International News

In Kiev, a website reconnects young Jews one post at a time

KIEV, Ukraine (JTA) – Hours after assailants shot Rabbi Artur Ovadia Isakov on a street in the Russian republic of Dagestan on July 25, mainstream Russian media were still scrambling to ascertain his identity. But Isakov’s name and condition already were known to the readers of, a growing social network with 80,000 daily users that has relied on user participation to cover Jewish news and help connect fast-assimilating Jews across the Russian-speaking world.

Holocaust resistance of White Rose group remembered 70 years later

Among the various events in Holocaust history marking their 70th anniversary this year – including the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, the Nazis’ failed assault on Stalingrad and a Washington, DC, march by 400 rabbis who urged President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to rescue Europe’s Jews – what stands out for author Jud Newborn is the White Rose episode.


It takes a village – and a hard-working team

Some claim that it takes a village to raise a child. According to Denise and Chuck Pascarelli, the bar mitzvah of their son, Jared, not only took a village, but a lot of hard work.

The story of Jared’s bar mitzvah really begins almost 13 years ago. When Jared was 10 months old, he had his first epileptic seizure.

Book Review: Searching for the messiah

When someone asks me Judaism’s position on a particular subject, I usually answer, “Which Jewish tradition do you want to hear?” I’m not just talking about the differences between contemporary religious movements, but the fact that Judaism – from biblical times to the present day – offers contradictory ideas about a variety of topics. For example, as Rabbi Elaine Rose Glickman notes in “The Messiah and the Jews: Three Thousand Years of Tradition, Belief and Hope” (Jewish Lights Publishing), there is no one idea concerning the Jewish messiah. The word itself comes from the Hebrew root mem-shin-chet, which means “anointed.” Anointing played a role in biblical times for priests, recovering lepers and kings, but, as Glickman writes, it simply meant that “oil [was] poured onto a person’s head.”


Leaving the Lower East Side, a search for home

(JTA) – “You live in Brooklyn now. Stay there!” my father screamed at me. He slammed the door to my parents’ renovated tenement apartment in my face, exiling me from the Manhattan home and Lower East Side neighborhood in which I had grown up. I was a 20-year-old college dropout, a disgrace to my education-obsessed Jewish family.

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