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Friday, January 6, 2017

Local News

Chabad toy drive sets donation record

Student leaders representing the Chabad Center, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Sigma Delta Tau organized this year’s Light up a Life Toy Drive, which raised a record $23,000 worth of toys to be distributed to children in hospitals in the New York City area.


Book review: Race and religion: studying Jewish and Asian intermarriages

Intermarriage in the United States has alternately been called the largest challenge and the greatest opportunity for the Jewish community. However, not all intermarriages are alike, as shown in Helen Kiyong Kim and Noah Samuel Leavitt’s “JewAsian: Race, Religion, and Identity for America’s Newest Jews” (University of Nebraska Press).


The human voice

My favorite musical instrument was the human voice. Its ability to express a wide range of emotions – from joy to extreme sorrow – resonated in a way that even my second favorite instrument, the violin, could not match.

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