The Reporter is a bi- weekly newspaper published by the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton and reflects the voice of an inclusive Jewish community. Through its award-winning local coverage, the paper prints the concerns, challenges and aspirations of the close-knit community; members of the community are encouraged to use The Reporter as a vehicle to share their simchas, as well as their losses.


The paper focuses on coverage of local events and activities of interest to the community, from pictures of sports, schools and camps to ongoing series spotlights on local businesses, authors, artists and leaders, including many items submitted by local organizations.


The paper also includes in-depth coverage of national and international issues of Jewish interest, features and opinion pieces. It is an essential source of information and communication for the local Jewish community, and has received recognition and professional awards for distinguished journalism.


The dedicated staff of The Reporter Group not only produces The Reporter, the weekly paper for the local Greater Binghamton community, but also produces a newspaper for the Scranton, PA Jewish community. Each newspaper is tailored to meet that community’s needs. The news staff is assisted by a group of volunteer proofreaders.


The Reporter is provided free of charge to individuals and families who are members of the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton, and it is available to everyone else for a nominal subscription fee. Voluntary subscriptions from Federation members are appreciated. Anyone who has questions, comments or suggestions, or would like to submit an article to the paper, should visit our contact us page.