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Jewish Online Resources 4/7/23

By Reporter staff

A variety of Jewish groups are offering educational and recreational online resources. Below is a sampling of those. The Reporter will publish additional listings as they become available. 

Aish.com is offering free 68 daily e-mail lessons from historian and author Rabbi…

Jewish Baseball Players: Team Israel meets the 2023 World BB Classic, pt. I

By Bill Simons

Since the 1871 debut of the National Association, the first circuit considered a major league by baseball historians, there have been teams with one, two, very occasionally three and even rarely four Jewish players with names reflective of their ethnic heritage. From Lip Pike…

On the Jewish food scene: Made with matzah

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

My first reaction was, “I can wait until the holiday is over.” The food in question is one of my favorite desserts: tiramisu, which is usually made with soft, melt in your mouth lady fingers. The blurb in The Nosher e-mail asked me to click through to “The Eas…

Off the Shelf: Rebuilding lives after the war

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Let the past remain in the past: that’s the constant refrain for some who survived World War II. It’s not only true for those in concentration camps as two recent novels – “The Incandescent Threads: A Novel in the Form of a Mosaic” by Richard Zimler (Part…

Off the Shelf: Legal anecdotes in the Talmud

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

The traditional way to study Talmud is to follow the general flow of the work. Rarely do those studying the text stop to compare and analyze stories that occur in different tractates. However, Judith Hauptman, E. Billi Ivry Professor Emerita of Talmud and Rabbinic …