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On the Jewish food scene: Food for the secular New Year

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I’ve given up trying to stay awake to midnight on the secular New Year. The last time I came close was by accident: I was watching the last few episodes of the previous season of the British sci-fi show “Primeval” on DVD before the new season started the next …

Off the Shelf: The spiritual side of the Mishna

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Study is considered a spiritual practice in Judaism. Most people study either the biblical text (and the midrashic – rabbinic stories – about that text) or the Talmud. Since the Talmud includes much of the text that appears in the Mishna, fewer study the latter…

Off the Shelf: Three genres

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Graphic novel

When I read a novel about the search for the lost Ark of the Covenant, I expect the plot to head in one of two directions: either stark realism or otherworldly mysticism. Rutu Modan’s graphic novel “Tunnels” (Drawn and Quarterly) leans toward th…

Jewish Online Resources 12/3/2021

By Reporter staff

A variety of Jewish groups are offering educational and recreational online resources. Below is a sampling of those. The Reporter will publish additional listings as they become available. 

The Shalom Hartman Institute offers free virtual course through its Shalom @ Home…

On the Jewish food scene: My seasonal iced cookie craving

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

About four or five years ago in December, I stopped into a coffee shop and noticed an iced cookie shaped like a moose among the baked treats on offer. Although I rarely ate iced cookies, I couldn’t resist buying it. I showed the cookie to a friend when I got to T…