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On The Jewish Food Scene: Matzah: Not Just for Passover

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

My family has long eaten matzah all year-round. For dessert (we didn’t have cake or cookies around the house), my father would regularly eat a piece of matzah slathered with jam. My preference is for whole wheat matzah and it’s always in my cupboard. I’ve been…

Small-Town Judaism: Fleischmanns, NY, Part I

By Bill Simons

Fleischmanns, NY, sits in the Western Catskills, approximately 100 miles from Binghamton. Metropolitan areas dominate the demographics of American Judaism, but for more than 125 years, Fleischmanns, with a population of about 350, has reflected Jewry’s small-town presence. …

Jews in Sports: Sam Nahem: Intellectual, Soldier, Pitcher, Communist

By Bill Simons

The baseball canon includes several notable lefties. From the mound, Lefty Grove and Lefty Gomez earned Hall of Fame plaques. And the Jewish phenom Sandy Koufax might rank as the greatest of all southpaw pitchers. For only one major league pitcher does the designation “left…

Jewish Online Resources 7/2/2021

By the Reporter Staff

A variety of Jewish groups are offering educational and recreational online resources. Below is a sampling of those. The Reporter will publish additional listings as they become available. 
The Shalom Hartman Institute will hold a “Virtual Summer Symposium” from M…

Off The Shelf: Soviet Jews in Russia and the US

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Post-Soviet Union Jewish identity: is there such a thing? It’s difficult to come up with a specific name for those who once lived in what is now the former U.S.S.R.: Soviet Jews, Russian Jews, or Jews-whose-identity-card-may-have-said-they-were-Jewish-but-who-don…