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On the Jewish food scene: Matzah brei: sweet or savory?

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I was shocked! Seriously, I had difficulty absorbing what I was hearing. Even a year later, it still makes me shake my head. This shock occurred when I turned the TV to the Food Network and saw that Molly Yeh’s show was on. She was talking about matzah brei (AKA …

Tastings: Passover treats

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Every Passover, food manufacturers create new kosher-for-Passover products. That’s good news for consumers looking for more interesting choices during the holiday. Some products are so good, you’ll want to eat them all year-round.

  • Gefen Sliced Pickled Red Bee…

Passover: free haggadot to download

By Reporter staff

Some people use the same haggadah every year and find comfort in those pages stained with food and wine. Others look for new works to challenge themselves and stimulate new ways to think about Passover. Neither decision is wrong: what people want and need from the holiday …

Off the Shelf: A thoughtful detective

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Some detective novels are filled with actions and dialogue. Descriptions are at a minimum and the focus of the detective’s thoughts is on “whodunnit.” Anyone looking for that type of mystery can skip the rest of this review because one of my notes on “One M…

Off the Shelf: Stories of love and sacrifice

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

The desires of the human heart are difficult to define, whether their focus is religion, politics or love. Trying to fulfill these desires is not always easy, especially if someone or something must be sacrificed in order to make them a reality. Two recent novels p…