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Celebrating Jewish Literature: Exploring biblical personalities

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Is it really possible to analyze a biblical character? The text itself offers limited information, which means that these analytical works often either focus on a specific aspect of the story or use additional, non-biblical material to supplement and expand what is …

Celebrating Jewish Literature: Work, family, comedy and deep feelings

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

When looking at novels for review, I’m sometimes unable to tell if they feature Jewish characters. If I am really interested in a book, I’ve been known to go to great lengths – from making numerous web searches for the “title/author + Jewish,” to writing t…

New in Books: Kalaniot Books to release three new children’s books

Kalaniot Books announced that it will release three new children’s picture books for spring 2023:

  • “An Invitation to Passover” written by Rabbi Kerry Olitzky and Deborah Bodin Cohen, and illustrated by Mariia Kolker. When Hannah’s extended family isn’t able to join her for their …

Jewish Online Resources 2/10/23

By Reporter staff

A variety of Jewish groups are offering educational and recreational online resources. Below is a sampling of those. The Reporter will publish additional listings as they become available. 

The Jewish Theological Seminary is holding its Spring 2023 Learning Series: “Th…

Off the Shelf: Messianic believers in Second Temple times

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Messiah: the noun is connected to the Hebrew verb that means to anoint a person or object with oil. However, the connotations of the term have changed over time. In the early sections of the Bible, it usually referred to a man who was anointed with oil by another pe…