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History Revisited: The Jew as scapegoat: The lynching of Leo Frank

by Bill Simons

Georgia observed Confederate Memorial Day on Saturday, April 26, 1913. At Atlanta’s Confederate Memorial Day observance, approximately 200 surviving veterans of the Confederate army marched by the reviewing stand to pay respects to Mary Anna Jackson, the widow of General St…

Meeting virtually during the pandemic by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Editors’s note: Four people responded to a request sent out by The Reporter to leaders of Jewish community organizations about their experiences using virtual meeting places. This article is based on the answers of the four who responded. The Reporter staff invite…

Jewish resources to occupy your family during social distancing – part 16

By Reporter staff 

A variety of Jewish groups are offering online resources – educational and recreational – for those who are not allowed out of the house. Below is a sampling of those. The Reporter will publish additional listings as they become available. 

  • The Berkeley Institute…

The enigmatic Moe Berg: Jewish baseball catcher and wartime spy

By Bill Simons

On Monday, January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany, setting in motion a trajectory that would soon enable him to declare a national emergency and seize dictatorial powers. In his book “Mein Kampf,” Hitler had previously identified his objectives…

Honoring biblical women with food by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

On the Jewish food scene: Honoring biblical women with food by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

When I graduated from college and was given a monetary gift and told to buy something for my new, non-student apartment, I, of course, chose books. In the years before the Internet, some books were vital. …