50th Anniversary: "The Reporter connected me to a new Jewish community"

By Rebecca Goldstein Kahn

I had only lived in Binghamton less than a year when I was hired as the executive editor of The Reporter. Even though my tenure lasted a little more than two years, it had a far greater impact in my life than one would expect from such a short period of time. Working at The Reporter was how and why I became part of the Jewish community in Binghamton. It established an obligation to the local community and cemented my place in it.

I’m not going to lie: It’s a hard job. A small staff, few resources and being part of the ever-shrinking print world makes it stressful. On top of those demands, the executive editor wears many hats: You are part journalist, part public relations specialist, part diplomat and part businessperson. 

And, don’t forget: You also really care. Because this isn’t just a job. It’s about bettering the Jewish community and informing others about the happenings in this microcosm. 

I want to take the opportunity to thank Rabbi Rachel Esserman for her ongoing outstanding leadership. I admire her talents, tenacity and business savvy. I look forward to the local coverage each week and her award-winning editorials, book reviews and my new favorite: the food column! 

It’s also been my privilege to be able to say that although Rachel and I started out as colleagues, she quickly became a close friend, and someone who was there for me during the toughest year of my life. 

Yasher koach to her and the entire staff. The community is a richer place because of all of you. Ad me’ah v’esrim! 

Rebecca Goldstein Kahn was the executive editor from January 1, 2006, to January 2, 2008.