New in Books: Kalaniot Books to release two new children’s books

Kalaniot Books announced that it has released two new children’s picture books:

“A Persian Passover” written by Etan Basseri with illustrations by Rashin Kheiriyeh. Two siblings, Ezra and Roza, who live in Persia, are helping their family prepare for Passover. Their task is to bring the family’s flour to the synagogue where it will be baked into matzah that is kosher for Passover. But when Ezra falls on the way home, the matzah is ruined and the two children must decide how to save the holiday.

“The Melody” written by Oded Burla with illustrations by Assaf Benharroch and a translation by Ilana Kurshan. Although the tale seems to be a simple story about a melody looking for a singer, the author is really reflecting on an ancient Jewish folktale. In that tale, God offers the Torah to all the nations of the world, but only the Jewish people accept. In this tale, the melody is offered to different creatures, but only one decides to sing the song.