New in books: Kalaniot Books to release two new children’s books in August

Kalaniot Books announced that it will release two new children’s picture books for fall 2023:

  • “How to Welcome an Alien” written by Rebecca Klempner and illustrated by Shirley Waisman (Release date: August 1)

The cover of “How to Welcome an Alien” (Used with permission of Kalaniot Press)

Klempner tells the story of what happens when a friendly alien family’s spaceship lands in the Abrahams’ backyard. The family offers them traditional Jewish hospitality. Based on the biblical idea of welcoming the stranger, it features a humorous approach. There is a note at the end that ties the idea of biblical hospitality to contemporary times. 

  • “Out and About: A Tale About Giving” written by Liza Wiemer and illustrated by Margeaux Lucas (Release date: August 15)The cover of ‘“Out and About” (Used with permission of Kalaniot Press)

Daniel wonders why his parents frequently leave the house carrying boxes and wonders what is inside them. Rather than the toys he imagines, he learns that his parents are delivering boxes to those in need. This discovery helps Daniel learn the true meaning of giving to others. A note at the end explains the concept of tzedakah so that young readers can learn about the Jewish concept.

*Both story covers are used with permission of Kalaniot Press.