Online resources for Purim 2023

By Reporter staff 

Maven will hold “Purim Mixology” on Tuesday, March 7, from 9-10 pm. Naomi Levy, award-winning bartender and founder of Maccabee Bar, will teach how “to perfectly shake a cocktail, make a special syrup and prepare two cocktails that will take your Purim party to the next level.” No previous experience is required; the ingredient list for the cocktails will be sent one week before the class begins. For more information or to register, click here.

The Blue Dove Foundation offers resources for Purim for those facing mental health issues. To access the resources, click here.

Jewish Grandparents Network offers an interactive Purim Discovery Kit designed especially for grandparents and grandchildren (ages 3-8) to use together in person or at a distance. The downloadable kit includes background and rituals for grandparents, the Purim story, a Purim shpiel with script and puppet template, games and way to explore Jewish values. For more information or to download the kit, click here.

Numerous websites offer information about Purim:

The website offers recipes for Purim not only from the Ashkenazic worlds, but from Iraq, Syria, Italy, Morocco, Greece and more. To see the recipes, click here. also offers Purim recipes, including ones from Russia, Rhodes, Bulgaria, Libya and more. The recipes can be found here.