Adam Weitsman donates $250,000 to Hillel Academy

By Stephen Donnelly and Associates

Hillel Academy of Broome County has received a $250,000 donation from Adam Weitsman to help with operation costs for the 2023 academic year. The school has served Binghamton and the surrounding communities for more than 50 years, providing secular and Judaic education. As a small private school, Hillel Academy seeks to customize each student’s learning experiences. However, being a small, privately funded school brings many challenges, including financial ones.

In 2022, Hillel Academy of Broome County President Joy Yarkoni reached out to Weitsman to let him know that the academy was on the verge of closing.

“I asked him to consider donating to help us survive. Literally 30 seconds after I reached out, he (Adam) responded by calling me and simply said ‘No it’s not.’ I remember saying to him, that unless he knows something that I don’t, we simply do not have enough money to run the school for another year. In typical Adam Weitsman style, he stepped in and saved the day. Our organization and community are deeply grateful for his help and support,” said Yarkoni.

In September 2022, Weitsman joined the Executive Board of Hillel Academy. The executive team has stated that the school would not exist if it weren’t for Weitsman and his financial and leadership contributions.

“The Hillel Academy means a lot to me and my family. We are all very involved with the school, and regularly attend school functions, holiday plays and teacher meetings. My parents, Fred and Sandra, have also been very involved with the academy for many years, so when I heard that the school needed assistance, I felt it was my obligation and pleasure to step in and help however I could,” Weitsman stated.

For more information on Hillel Academy of Broome County, visit its website or Facebook page.