BD Shabbat luncheons in January - Rabbi Benny Kellman

Beth David’s Luncheon Speaker Series will continue in person on Saturday, January 14, with guest speaker Rabbi Benny Kellman. Kellman will speak on “Mobile Menschen: Mapping the Social Mobility of Jews in Binghamton, NY, 1890-1975.”

“Where did Jews in Binghamton live in 1890, 1948 and 1975, and what can this tell us about the growth of the community?” said organizers of the event. “How does geographic mobility of Binghamton Jews fit into larger contexts with regard to 20th century American history? These questions will be addressed by Benny Kellman at Beth David’s luncheon on January 14.”

Kellman and his family moved to Binghamton from Monsey in 2015. He serves on the board of Beth David Synagogue and the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton. He is the mashgiach of the Kosher Korner at Binghamton University. He is also a board member of the soon-to-be announced Southern Tier Museum of Jewish Life. He obtained his undergraduate degree with a major in history from SUNY-New Paltz, and is currently in his fourth year of a doctoral program in the Department of History at Binghamton University with Professor Jonathan Karp as his advisor.

His research on the Binghamton community is the first case study he is undertaking as part of his Ph.D. project, which will focus on small town Jewish communities and what can be learned about migration to and from these communities. “There are definite challenges,” Kellman said, “In gathering addresses from the past, but with the help of BU’s Professor Bradley Skopyk, my research is designed to be statistically quantifiable. I am using a sophisticated computer program whose tools store, analyze and interpret geographical data, and enable us to visualize the findings. I am looking forward to sharing my work in progress, and if anyone in the Jewish community has stories and artifacts they would like to share with me, they can reach me at”