BD/TC/TI to take part in Global Day of Jewish Learning on Nov. 8

Beth David Synagogue, Temple Concord and Temple Israel will join together for this year’s Global Day of Jewish Learning on Sunday, November 8, at 10 am. The theme of the Global Day of Jewish Learning 2020 is “Human Dignity – K’Vod Habriot.” Rabbis Geoffrey Brown, Barbara Goldman-Wartell and Zev Silber will lead the virtual program. All are welcome to attend. To participate, contact the synagogues at or 723-7355; or 723-7461; or A Zoom link will be sent in an e-mail.

“We are joining Jewish communities worldwide in this day of Jewish learning,” said organizers of the event. “We will use Jewish text to explore the Jewish value of human dignity, the ethics of human dignity and apply it to marginalized Jews.”

Organizers noted the importance of the learning. “The best way to build a solid and creative Jewish continuity is through a community of learning and practice,” they said. “The global Jewish learning day is a concrete expression of this conception and of a sincere feeling of klal Yisrael, of a great global Jewish family.”

The Global Day of Jewish Learning began in 2010 as a celebration of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz’s work of translating the Talmud. The late Steinsaltz left a challenge to Jews everywhere: “To take a step ahead in Jewish learning and commitment.” 

“Temples Concord and Israel are honored to take this step forward again this year,” organizers continued. “We are glad to have Beth David join us in what is now an annual celebration, which brings Jews across the spectrum of beliefs and backgrounds together through our shared love of learning.”

Organizers noted, “We were deeply saddened by the passing of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz z”l earlier this year. A titan of Torah learning and hero of the Jewish People, Rabbi Steinsaltz was instrumental in founding the Global Day of Jewish Learning 11 years ago. May his memory be an enduring blessing and continue to inspire our communities worldwide to come together in dedication to engagement with our sacred texts. This year’s Global Day of Jewish Learning is dedicated to his enduring impact on our people.”