Campaign 2024’s slogan: “We take care of our own”

By Reporter staff 

“Being a Jew means not turning your back on those in need,” said Marcy Yonaty who has lived her life as “a proud Jewish woman.” Her Jewish beliefs are what led to her statement, “We take care of our own,” which is the theme of the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton’s Campaign for 2024.
Yonaty noted that “Jews are a proud, compassionate and humane people who not only take care of their own, but they are also there for anyone in dire need, often going beyond our borders to lend a hand.” Yonaty added, “It’s up to us to lift each other up. Whenever there is a crisis or a cry for help, the Jewish people are there to help. This is what it means to be a Jew.”

Yonaty is passionate about supporting the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton. She said, “It is incumbent upon us all to ensure the Jewish community in Binghamton has the resources to thrive for generations to come.” To her, tzedakah is at the core of Judaism, it means more than giving money: it also refers to people giving of their time and effort to help each other. Tzedakah plays an important role in her life as a “proud Jew” and she is pleased that the Federation is using her words as its theme for Campaign 2024.