Chabad: in-person community seder, “Seder in a Box” and offer shmura matzah

In-person community seder

Chabad Center will hold a Passover seder open to the general community on the first night of the holiday, Friday, April 15. Festivities will begin with services at 7:30 pm followed by the seder. The services and the seder will be held at the Chabad Center, 420 Murray Hill Rd., Vestal. There is no charge for the seder, but donations to help defray the cost are appreciated and can be sent to Chabad before or after the holiday. For more information and seder reservations, write or call the Chabad office at 797-0015.

The seder will include all of the traditional observances, a full-course dinner, handmade shmura matzah and mystical insights. The haggadah will be read in both Hebrew and English with participation from those present, and the many customs and traditions of the seder will be explained. 

“Our seder is open to anyone who wants to attend a traditional seder – no previous knowledge or level of observance is required,” explained Rabbi Aaron Slonim, executive director of Chabad. “Be prepared to be welcomed – just are you are – as part of the family.”

“We will be serving a full course, traditional holiday dinner, but I do urge participants to have a bite to eat earlier in the evening to tide them over the ceremonial, opening portion of the seder which precedes dinner,” added Rivky Slonim.


“Seder in a Box” 

For those who are unable to attend and would like to celebrate the holiday traditions, Chabad will make available a “Seder in a Box.” Interested parties are asked to e-mail or call the Chabad office at 797-0015 to reserve their box, or a box for a friend or loved one, as soon as possible. The “Seder in a Box” contains matzah, grape juice, a holiday dinner (for one or two) and the ceremonial items necessary for a seder. A haggadah will be included, as well. The subsidized cost of the “Seder in a Box” is $36 or $54, depending on number of meals included.

Community members who wish to assist in the effort can help with delivery, can underwrite a box or two, and/ or can help with the cooking of the food and packaging of the boxes.

To offer assistance, contact the Slonims at 797-0015. Checks earmarked for this purpose may be sent to Chabad, 420 Murray Hill Rd., Vestal, NY 13850.


Shmura matzah

Handmade shmura matzah will be available for purchase through the Chabad Center for $19 a pound or three matzahs for $10 as long as the supply lasts. Interested parties are urged to place their orders as soon as possible. To order shmura matzah, call the Chabad Center at 797-0015.