Chabad to offer JLI class on personal ethics

Rivkah Slonim will offer the class “Beyond Right: The Values that Shape Judaism’s Civil Code,” a new six-session course by the Rohr Jewish Learning, which will focus on personal ethics in the light of Jewish Civil Law. The class will be held on six Mondays beginning May 16, at 7 pm. The cost of the course is $79 per person or $140 for a couple. It will be offered in-person, as well as over Zoom. Sign-in information will be provided upon enrollment.

“Can you help yourself to someone else’s possessions if you are sure they won’t mind?” said organizers. “Must you forgive and accept a repentant antisemitic tormentor? If your neighbor blocks your sunlight with a two-story fence, do you have legal recourse? Do you have a legal obligation to report someone’s plans to commit a violent crime? These are just some of the questions among the many – large and small – that are addressed in ‘Beyond Right: The Values that Shape Judaism’s Civil Code, a new six-session course by the acclaimed Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, focused on personal ethics in the light of Jewish Civil Law.”
“Many people are surprised to discover the attention Jewish law devotes to disputes between neighbors, ethical dilemmas involving the workplace, and maintaining a peaceful and moral society,” commented Slonim. “They assume Jewish law mostly addresses religious practice.”
The course will explore six foundational Jewish values that underlie the practical application of Jewish civil legislation, translating abstract principles into detailed guidance on common real-life scenarios. 

“The JLI course ‘Beyond Right’ explores fundamental topics that are of vital importance for any just society in light of the profound teachings of the Jewish legal tradition,” said Professor David Flatto of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Law. “It highlights the central values and commitments that are at stake in addressing these issues. I commend JLI for developing this rich and illuminating course.”

To register, e-mail to, call the Chabad Center at 797-0015 or visit for registration and for other course-related information.