Committee seeks to form Southern Tier Jewish History Museum

By Reporter staff

A committee met via Zoom on February 11 to discuss forming a Southern Tier Jewish History Museum at the Kilmer Mansion. The museum’s mission would be to inspire people from every background to connect with and preserve the history and culture of the Jewish community in Binghamton and throughout the Southern Tier. 
The committee is looking for those interested in becoming members of its Board of Directors as part of the process to receive a non-profit status. It is also looking for people interested in being involved in the formation of the museum, even if they don’t want to be on the board.

The purpose of the museum would be to collect and preserve historical artifacts and archival materials that tell the story of the Southern Tier’s Jewish heritage; provide educational exhibits and programs for school students and the general public; and place the history of the Jewish people of Binghamton and the Southern Tier into a regional, national and international context.

“I’m very excited about the museum and the opportunity to learn more about the history of our local Jewish community,” said Lisa Blackwell, who has been chairing the committee. “We welcome input from all parts of the community as we work to celebrate our past.”

Anyone interested in being on the Board of Directors or volunteering with the museum in other capacities should contact Blackwell at