Federation allocation timeline

To help community members better understand the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton’s allocations process, below is the timeline for organizations to submit their allocation requests. It shows the process that each allocation undergoes and the ability of board members to ask questions before the official vote.

  • June 16: Organizations received their allocation forms.
  • Friday, August 25: Allocation forms are due at the Federation office.
  • Tuesday, August 29: Allocation forms are distributed to the Federation board members.
  • Tuesday, September 12: Deadline for board members to submit questions that will be sent to organizations to answer. 
  • Thursday, September 14: Questions are collated and sent to the organizations.
  • Monday, October 9: Organizations’ answers are sent out to board members.
  • Wednesday. October 18: If requested, organizations are asked to give a presentation and answer questions.
  • Wednesday, November 15: The full Federation board meets to decide allocations based on a motion from the Federation Executive Committee.