Federation Campaign 2024 wrap-up thoughts

By Reporter staff

Federation Executive Director Shelley Hubal knows that everyone does not run on the same schedule. That includes how they make donations to organizations they support. Although the Federation is winding down its active solicitation for Campaign 2024, Hubal realizes that some people haven’t yet decided how much they will give to the Federation this year.

“If you haven’t pledged or donated yet, it would be a big help to us if you did,” Hubal said. “Payments can be made through December 31. However, we also know that some people prefer to give at the end of the year and that is fine. We appreciate every donation we receive, no matter when it arrives.”

Hubal continued, “Since we are gearing up for the Campaign for 2025, though, we want to make sure community members are not confused when they are solicited for the next Campaign.”

Because of the decreasing number of volunteers who are able to make Campaign calls to donors, the Federation will send out solicitation letters at the end of August. “We hope everyone will send in the letter with their pledge,” Hubal said. “This helps us reduce the burden on our volunteers. If you prefer to make a pledge and gift at a certain time of year, please reach out to the Federation office and let us know. We recognize that some people give at certain times for various reasons. We have a lot of donors, so your communication is important to help us keep track of each donor’s needs and wants.”

Hubal thanked those who have made the 2024 Campaign a success and is grateful for the last few pledges for 2024 that will come in. “Community members can log onto the Federation website or use the form that will appear in The Reporter to get their pledges in,” she said.

“We have a wonderful community,” she added. “I am grateful for the support shown to the Federation and the greater Jewish community. Now more than ever we are ‘Taking care of our own.’”