Federation encourages PJ Library Get Togethers

By Reporter staff

The Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton has sponsored the PJ Library, which offers free books to local Jewish children, for more than a decade. “We are so happy we take part in this wonderful program,” said Shelley Hubal, executive director of the Federation. “There is something special about reading a Jewish book to young children and watching older ones read those books themselves. Now think of how great it would be if parents and children gathered with other PJ Library families to experience the joys of Judaism.”

Hubal noted that the PJ Library is trying to make that happen with its Get Together initiative. The PJ Library and its PJ Our Way families program are offering funds for those sponsoring a Get Together with two or more families. The hosts will be able to submit a reimbursement report and receive up to $100. There can be up to three reimbursements for this first round of Get Togethers, which began in September and ends in May. There is no limit to how many events a family can attend. 

“These Get Togethers can be used to celebrate Jewish holidays or experience the joys of Shabbat,” Hubal said. “Some groups have done a PJ Library Havdalah program or used the event to volunteer or perform service projects. As long as the event is Jewish related, it can be considered a get together.”

For more information about the program, visit click here or contact the PJ Library at gettogether@pjlibrary.org.