Federation held virtual annual meeting by Reporter staff

By Reporter staff

The Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton held its annual meeting via Zoom on June 17. More than 30 people attended. The nominations for the Executive Committee and the board were approved. There were reports on the 2020 Campaign, a look at events that have taken place during the last month and a review of the past year. A copy of the annual report can be found on the Federation website at www.jfgb.org/who-we-are/annual-report-june-2019-may-2020. Although the Federation was unable to hold its planned ice cream social, several of those attending created their own ice cream desserts at home. 

“This was not how I expected my first annual meeting to go,” said Shelley Hubal, executive director of the Federation. “This has been a difficult few months for many of us, but I am proud of what our community has accomplished and look forward to us doing even more. I’m also praying that by next year’s meeting, we will be able to gather in person.”

Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors for the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton are as follows:

  • Executive Committee: Suzanne Holwitt, president; Howard Warner, immediate past president; Mark Walker, vice-president; Jeffrey Shapiro, treasurer; Lee Schechter, assistant treasurer; Eileen Miller, secretary; Marilyn Bell, Campaign chairwoman; and Michael Wright, Endowment chairman.
  • Members until 2021: Neil Auerbach, Brendan Byrnes, Sondra Foreman, Charles Gilinsky and Richard Lewis.
  • Members until 2022: Rose Shapiro, Rita Bleier, Steve Gilbert, Jeff Platsky, Arieh A. Ullmann and Susan Walker.
  • Members until 2023: Nancy Dorfman, Mark Epstein, Dennis Foreman, Al Berk and Cathy Velenchik.