Federation still seeking 2023-24 calendar info

By Reporter staff

The Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton is still collecting information for its 2023-24 calendar. Dates for meetings, events and communitywide celebrations were already due, but calendar information is accepted throughout the year. Organizations who have not yet submitted dates are asked to e-mail them to Executive Director Shelley Hubal at director@jfgb.org. 
“Please send us your information,” said Hubal. “We are a small, but active community. It is important make sure there are no conflicts so we can all enjoy the wonderful things our community has to offer us.”

Hubal added, “If you add or change dates, also let us know so we can make those changes in the calendar. Our organizations use the calendar to choose dates for events, but if it not accurate, then two events may be scheduled for the same time, forcing people to choose between them.”