Federation to sponsor Yom Hashoah program

By Reporter staff

The Jewish Federation will hold a community Yom Hashoah program in early April. The virtual event will include a live Zoom with a Holocaust survivor and readings from local rabbis. There may also be a short question-and-answer period. 

“We’re still in the midst of planning the program,” said Shelley Hubal, executive director of the Federation, “so we don’t have a firm date yet, but our tentative dates are Wednesday, April 7, or Thursday, April 8. I’m waiting to hear from the Israeli Consulate for final details.”

She felt it was very important that the event feature a Holocaust survivor. “The survivors of the Holocaust are aging and there are fewer opportunities to speak with them directly,” she noted. “There is nothing like having them speak to you in person, even if it is through a computer. We need to cherish these opportunities and honor the survivors while we still can.”

Hubal noted that this will be the second virtual Yom Hashoah the Federation has held. “I had hoped that last year would be the only virtual program we had to hold, but it was not to be,” she said. “But I think it’s important for our community to gather – even if we have to do it virtually again – to commemorate the Holocaust.”
More information about the event will appear in the next issue of The Reporter.