Giving Tuesday matching grant of $500 for The Reporter

By Reporter staff

The Reporter announced that it has received its second $500 matching grant for Giving Tuesday. The grant is again courtesy of the David and Virginia Eisenberg Fund. Donations will be accepted now through Giving Tuesday, November 30. Donations may be made several ways:

  • Give online through The Reporter Group website's Donate tab or by clicking here.
  • Through Giving Tuesday e-mails that will be sent by the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton. Anyone who does not receive Federation e-mails, but would like to be on the list, should e-mail with “Federation e-mail list” in the subject line.
  • Mail donations to The Reporter, 500 Clubhouse Rd., Vestal, NY 13850 with “matching grant” in the check’s subject line. 

“We are thrilled to again receive this matching grant,” said Rabbi Rachel Esserman, executive editor of The Reporter Group. “If you are thinking about making a donation to the paper, this is the perfect time to do it. Every penny counts in this economic climate. So many Jewish newspapers are either going under or turning into online publications only. Although The Reporter is now biweekly, I am pleased we are still able to produce hard-copy newspapers for our readers. I know that I prefer to read offline. Plus, a hard copy is great for those of us who like to read the paper on Shabbat, but don’t get on the computer that day.”

Shelley Hubal, executive director of the Federation, was also pleased that The Reporter received the grant. “I think the paper is a valuable addition to our community,” she said. “It not only lets me know what local organizations are doing, but helps keep us connected. Thank you to the Eisenberg Fund for its gift. I know the generosity of our community will make this second Giving Tuesday mini-campaign a success.”

Esserman noted that the paper received five writing awards this year. “We received two awards from the Syracuse Press Club and three from the American Jewish Press Club Simon Rockower Awards for Excellence in Jewish Journalism,” she said. “That’s pretty impressive for a paper with such a small staff. We try to be the one-stop shop for those interested in learning about Jewish events in our community.”