Hillel Academy fund-raiser: rugalach for Rosh Hashanah

Hillel Academy of Broome County is holding a fund-raiser, selling “Victor’s (Famous) Rugalach” for Rosh Hashanah. A one-pound bag is $20. The chocolate rugalach will be prepared in the Temple Israel kitchen. The rugalach are nut free, but the kitchen is not a nut-free facility.
“Looking for a sweet treat of Rosh Hashanah?” said organizers. “This is perfect whether you’re buying it for your own home or for a friend. What a great way to begin a sweet New Year and support Hillel Academy.”

All orders must be received by Friday, September 16. Orders can be made by calling Hillel Academy at 304-4544 or e-mailing frontoffice@hillelacademyofbc.org.