Inside Campaign 2021: JFNA

By Reporter staff

In addition to the allocations it gives to local community organizations, the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton also allocates funds to the Jewish Federations of North America. JFNA represents 146 Federations and 300 other Jewish organizations located in smaller communities. Shelley Hubal, executive director of the Binghamton Federation, believes that it’s important to donate to JFNA because of the vital work it performs. 

“JFNA serves as resource for our questions,” Hubal said. “We are part of what JFNA calls its ‘Network Communities.’ These are small Jewish communities across the U.S. We have network meetings several times a year and discuss issues that are specific to small Jewish communities.”

Hubal also noted other ways that JFNA helps Jewish communities: “JFNA is there for Jewish communities in their time of need. It provides a central location for donations and that’s important when communities are facing the aftereffects of hurricanes, floods or tornadoes. Our donation makes it possible for JFNA to provide for those in need during crisis. It also helps support Jewish cultural programs that connect Jews across the world.”

The JFNA website notes that its mission “is to protect and enhance the well-being of Jews worldwide through meaningful contributions to community, Israel and civil society.” Whenever a community is in crisis – whether from weather related disasters or antisemitic attacks – JFNA seeks to provide for people’s material needs and offers trauma counseling. It also works to create connections to Jewish life, whether through trips to Israel or through support of Jewish arts and culture programs. Its reach is not limited to North America: its programs help Jews across the globe, including many at-risk populations. It partners with the JDC (formerly the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee), World ORT, the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Israel Trauma Coalition to fulfill its mission.

“In addition to the help JFNA gives us in a variety of ways, it also serves the global Jewish community,” said Hubal. “It reminds us that we are all really one community no matter where we live.”

For more information about JFNA, visit their website or e-mail them here.

Additional information about JFNA programs will appear in the next issue of The Reporter.