JLI course “The World of Kabbalah” to begin on Oct. 30

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute announced it will hold “The World of Kabbalah,” a six-week course beginning Monday, October 30, at 7 pm, and running for six consecutive Mondays, both at the Chabad Center and via Zoom. The course is open to individuals of all backgrounds and knowledge levels. The course fee is $79 per participant or $150 per couple. The fee includes the text book. Limited scholarships are available. For registration and additional course-related information, interested participants can write to rshea@Jewishbu.com, call Ruth Shea at 607-797-0015, or visit their webiste.

“‘The World of Kabbalah’ invites individuals to embark on an awe-inspiring exploration of the interconnectedness woven into the fabric of creation,” said organizers of the course. “From unraveling the significance of the seferot to exploring the divine soul and the spiritual realms, participants will uncover a profound sense of purpose and harmony. The premise of the course is the belief that knowledge is a bridge to connection. For both seasoned spiritual seekers and curious beginners, ‘The World of Kabbalah’ offers an opportunity to gain clarity about the inner workings of Jewish mysticism and its relevance to everyday life. Meticulously crafted, this educational journey breaks the multifaceted topic down into six modules: The evolution of Ego, The dawn of Limitation, The infinite Light, The world of Chaos, The great Concealment, The essence of Everything.”

Organizers added, “In a world where spiritual exploration is a constant pursuit, the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah offers a path forward in unraveling the mysteries of both the divine and the human experience. This immersive journey will delve into the intricacies of the cosmic order, offering participants valuable insights for personal growth and enlightenment.”
“In a world filled with complexity, ‘The World of Kabbalah’ offers a singular opportunity for understanding ourselves, our connection to the divine, and our place within the universe. This course provides a road map for navigating life with intention, purpose, and profound insight,” stated Rivkah Slonim, course instructor. 

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