JLI to offer “Meditation from Sinai”

Registration for Meditation from Sinai, the new Rohr Jewish Learning Institute winter course, is now open. The six-session course explores the nature of Jewish meditation and the benefits it can bring to one’s daily life. The class will be held for five consecutive Mondays, starting January 31; it will be offered at 7 pm and again at 8:45 pm. 

The course is scheduled to be offered over Zoom; a decision will be made closer to the class date if the 7 pm class might be in person and on Zoom. Sign-in information will be provided upon enrollment. Interested students should contact Chabad at 797-0015 or rshea@Chabadofbinghamton.com, or visit their website for registration and for other course-related information. The course fee, which includes the text book, is $79 per person and $140 per couple.

“Course participants can expect to explore what Jewish meditation is, the pivotal role it plays in Jewish tradition and the fundamental ideas it is based on,” said organizers of the class. “The course will teach crucial life tools that can help people respond effectively to negative thoughts and emotions, recognize the value of each new moment, and find purpose and spirituality even in life’s most mundane tasks.”

“Not many people think of meditation as a Jewish thing,” said Rivkah Slonim, course instructor, “when in reality, Judaism has a rich and authentic tradition of meditation practices that – when implemented – can truly transform one’s life for the better.

“‘Meditation from Sinai’ is a revolutionary, empowering offering that unveils Jewish meditation and mindful awareness as the bedrock for a meaningful life,” asserted Slonim. “This course synthesizes extensive research from both the spiritual community and psychological research, forging a practical path to fully realizing life’s potentials.”