Kalaniot Books releases four new children’s books

Kalaniot Books announced that it has released four new children’s picture books.
“My Israel and Me” by Alice Blumenthal McGinty and illustrated by Rotem Teplow. Told in verse from a child’s perspective, the book introduces children to the diversity of Israel’s people. It also includes explanatory notes for parents and educators about the cultures and traditions discussed in the book.

“The Candy Man Mystery” by Rabbi Kerry Olitzky and illustrated by Christina Mattison Ebert. Josh and Becky Stein look for the synagogue’s missing candy man, Mr. Sharansky. Their search takes them all through the synagogue, where they find the candy man and much more.
“The Rabbi and the Painter” by Shoshana Weiss and illustrated by Jennifer Kirkham. The book tells of the relationship between the 16th-century Venetian painter Tintoretto and Rabbi Leon of Modena, also known as Rabbi Judah Aryeh. 

“A Snake, a Flood, a Hidden Baby” by Meir Shalev, iIllustrated by Emanuele Luzzati and translated by Ilana Kurshan. The work features stories from the Hebrew Bible retold with whimsy by one of Israel’s most celebrated authors.

Kalaniot Books’ website can be found at http://kalaniotbooks.com/. To read The Reporter’s interview with Lilian Rosenstreich, one of the owners of the press, follow this link.