LiveSecure update: Federation gets grant for High Holiday security

By Reporter staff

The Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton announced that it received a matching grant to help provide for local High Holiday security costs. “We are receiving an additional grant of $750 from the LiveSecure program that the Federation is matching with $750 of our money that we will give Beth David Synagogue, Chabad Center, Temple Concord and Temple Israel to help them with their security costs for the High Holidays,” said Shelley Hubal, executive director of the Federation. “The holidays are a time when the sanctuaries of these organizations are filled and we want to make sure everyone is safe.”

Hubal noted that this was just one part of what LiveSecure offers. “Security programs are already being held to help organizations plan for the holidays,” she added. “Six webinars are available and recordings and resources will be available after each session.” Anyone interested in attending a webinar will find registration information here.

According to Hubal, there are other advantages to being part of the LiveSecure program. “LiveSecure offers us the help of a professional grant writer for other local security projects,” she said. “We’ve already benefitted from some of their trainings and we plan to offer more in the future, including ‘The Power of Hello,’ which will teach how organizations can be open and friendly, while still being security conscious.” 

LiveSecure also offers intelligence about potential threats. “They have people monitoring the web so we can learn about threats before there is problem,” she said. “Plus, if something does occur in our area, LiveSecure will provide professional staff to help us deal with security and the police.”
Donations for the LiveSecure program are still being accepted. To make a pledge for the program, visit here or contact Hubal at 607-724-2332 or