Super Sunday calls on 10/15 Fed’s '24 Campaign now underway: “Pledge early”

By Reporter staff

The Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton has kicked off its Campaign for 2024 with an emphasis on pledging early. Shelley Hubal, executive director of the Federation, has urged people to make their pledge before Super Sunday, which this year will be a day reserved for fund-raising. “We are breaking with tradition,” Hubal added, “by not holding a brunch for Super Sunday this year. We are going with the old model and trying to call all donors of the Federation during the first weeks of the Campaign. That means that Super Sunday, October 15, will be devoted to Campaign calls. We are hoping to get those calls made from 10 am-noon. We also plan to make calls on Monday, October 16 in the evening. Additional dates for calling will be Sunday, October 22, during the morning and Monday, October 23, in the evening. To see all that the Federation does for the community with funds from the Campaign, check out our Annual Report, which can be found on our website, [click here to view].”

Campaign letters will be sent to donors ahead of Super Sunday to encourage early pledging. People can also use the form on page 8 of this issue of The Reporter and send it to the Federation at 500 Clubhouse Rd., Vestal, NY 13850; call the Federation office at 607-724-2332; e-mail Hubal at; or by clicking here.

The theme for Campaign 2024 is “We take care of our own,” based on a comment made by Marcy Yonaty. (See sidebar for more information about Yonaty’s thoughts on the theme.) Hubal said, “To me, this theme is about compassion. It goes beyond giving: it is about sustaining a community and extending traditions of care that generations have tended.”

Campaign Chairwoman Marilyn Bell emphasized the need for volunteers to help the Campaign run smoothly. “Volunteers are the most important part of the equation,” she said. “We need them to help make calls and write thank-you notes. As our community has shrunk, so have the number of our volunteers, and that has meant for the last few years the burden of making calls has landed on just a few people. It’s very simple: we need help to sustain our community.”

Hubal noted that people can RSVP to let her know they want to help. Drop-ins are also welcome. “Come in when you can and help us out as much as you can,” Hubal said. “All efforts are appreciated. And to show our appreciation, there will be a nosh so people won’t go hungry.” 

Hubal added that everyone who does not pledge early will receive a phone call during the Campaign. “”Pledging early is a mitzvah! It saves precious volunteer efforts. We’ve made early pledging as easy as possible,” she said.