TC to take part in hybrid “Purim Musings on the Megillah” on March 7

Temple Concord will take part in “Purim Musings on the Megillah” on Tuesday, March 7, at 7:30 pm, at the synagogue or on Zoom. Excerpts of the megillah in Hebrew and English will be interspersed with short teachings from seven small congregation rabbis to bring out the facets of the story. Rabbi Barbara Goldman-Wartell will teach about the 1957 Purim debut of the opera “Esther” written by Langston Hughes and Jan Meyerowitz. 

“You are invited to experience an evening of study and the Book of Esther for the night of Purim,” said organizers of the event. “You can join with others in the Temple Concord building or take part in the proceedings on Zoom. ‘Musings on the Megillah’ was created to build on the use of virtual gatherings between different congregations. The rabbis’ offerings will include teaching about serious fun, secrets and hiding, the power and urgency of now, and the theme of overturning and artistry in the megillah.”

To register to view the program on Zoom, visit click here. The Union for Reform Judaism is sponsoring the program.