Temple Israel to hold 2023 lottery fund-raiser

Temple Israel will once again hold its lottery fund-raiser. Winners are based on the New York state daily lottery drawings. The number/numbers selected are good throughout all of 2023. The amount won depends on which day’s drawing matches the numbers. Sundays pay $40; Wednesdays pay $30; and Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays pay $25. There is no payout for Saturday. There are also four days throughout the year, which pay $50 each (January 1, February 14, July 4 and November 23.)

“It’s time to purchase your numbers for Temple Israel’s 2023 lottery fund-raiser,” said organizers of the fund-raiser. “Participation is simple: just choose a three-digit number or numbers (you can purchase as many as you would like) from 000 through 999 (for example, 015 or 733) and send the numbers to Temple Israel, 4737 Deerfield Place, Vestal, NY 13850, along with your name, address, phone number and a donation of $25 per number. The more numbers you choose, the more chances you have to win. Payments will be mailed directly to the winners. Previous winners have said, ‘It’s a nice surprise to receive an unexpected check in the mail.’”

Organizers added, “Chances to win make great gifts for anyone on your list. It’s a gift that gives all year long. You can check the evening daily numbers (drawn nightly at 10:30 pm) on the New York state lottery website www.nylottery.org.”

More information and ordering forms are available from the Temple Israel office by calling 723-7461 or e-mailing titammy@stny.twcbc.com.