The Reporter is celebrating 50 years – and counting

By The Reporter Editorial Committee

The Reporter Editorial Committee invites readers to join its anniversary celebration: “We are celebrating the completion of the 50th year of publishing The Reporter, the Jewish newspaper of our community. To recognize this milestone, we are publishing a special section in the November 18 issue of the paper. In this publication, a retrospective will appear, including clips from the early years, and we hope greetings from members of the community – both personal and business – both Jewish and non-Jewish – who have supported us over the years. Personal and business ads can be purchased, and different prices and sizes are available. You are welcome to choose from pre-existing copy and graphics, or make up your own – our graphics department is ready and willing to help you be a part of this special issue.”

“It is so unusual these days for a small Jewish community to have its very own award-winning newspaper,” said Shelley Hubal, executive director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton. “We are so lucky to have The Reporter. It is just one of the things that makes Binghamton a special place. The paper keeps us all connected and creates an archive of the history of Jewish life in the Southern Tier.”

“Although I didn’t grow up here, The Reporter has been part of my life for the past 15 years – first as executive editor and now as chairwoman of the Editorial Committee,” said Rebecca Goldstein Kahn. “Most importantly, I value The Reporter as a member of the Jewish community. Please help ensure this gem is around for another 50 years!”

Hubal added, “I hear from former community members all the time who remember Binghamton so fondly. Whether you used to live here or are a current resident, we hope you will take this opportunity to congratulate The Reporter on 50 years well done!”

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