TI held caregiver support group

Temple Israel held a six-session support group during June and July for its members who are caregivers of a loved one, whether their loved one is at home or in an assisted living facility. Under the auspices of Temple Israel’s Caring Community Committee, Caring for Caregivers sessions were strictly focused on the caregivers physical, mental, behavior, emotional health and well-being. The goal was to provide a confidential forum for sharing, listening and supporting each other. The sessions were co-facilitated by Rita Bleier, a licensed clinical social worker, and Dr. Elissa Brown, a veteran K-12 educator and professor. 

Several members shared that they found the safe space helpful, nurturing and supportive. Recommendations were made to continue the forum through a monthly check-in or to provide additional sessions over time. One member shared that “we are so focused on taking care of our loved one that it was nice to focus on my well-being for a change and to see that I’m not the only one on this journey.”