TI to hold Chevra Kadisha training on April 30

Temple Israel will hold a Chevra Kadisha training on Sunday, April 30, from 1:30-5 pm. The non-profit organization Kavod v’Nichum (which means honor and comfort in Hebrew) will do taharah and shemirah training. Registration is required and can be made by calling Temple Israel at 723-7461.

Under the leadership of Sarit Wishnevski, the group will teach and train attendees about taharah, the ritual physical and spiritual preparation of the deceased for burial. Training will include hands-on practice and participants will gain understanding of both taharah and shemirah (guarding the deceased before burial). 

Kavod V’Nahum was in founded 2000 and its mission is to providing end-of-life education, support and training in the Jewish tradition. 

“If you are curious to learn more about the ritual of taharah and what it means to be part of a Chevra Kadisha – Sacred Community join us for this program,” said organizers.