Passover: free haggadot to download

By Reporter staff

Some people use the same haggadah every year and find comfort in those pages stained with food and wine. Others look for new works to challenge themselves and stimulate new ways to think about Passover. Neither decision is wrong: what people want and need from the holiday can be different. In the past, if someone sought a new haggadah, they had to go to a bookstore or order through an online site. However, there are now haggadot available to download and print. Below are some of those works to explore. Since the pages can be printed, they offer people the opportunity to use them as is, or to mix and match from different sites.

  • For the widest choice of haggadot, click here. The site offers more than 45 different potential works for your holiday table. There are ones focusing on specific topics, for example, the Hunger Haggadah, the HIAS Haggadah, the JQ International GLBT Haggadah and one “Honoring The People Of Ukraine.” For those with a sense of humor, there is the Comedy Seder and the Golden Girl Haggadah. Others include the Coloring Book Haggadah, the Heroes Haggadah, the Women’s Haggadah and the Secular Haggadah.
  • Those looking for a traditional haggadah will find one on Chabad's site here
  • The Jewish Federation of North America created its own haggadah, which can be found here.
  • The haggadah “A True Feast of Freedom: Celebrating 100 Years of the Abayudaya” can be found here.
  • American Jewish World Service offers its own take on the haggadah here.
  • The Mezuzah Store offers its own 31-page haggadah here.
  • Cha Ching Queen offers several short haggadot to choose from here.
  • Jewish Boston offers its “The Wandering Is Over Haggadah” here.
  • JewBelong asks people to sign up here to receive a copy of a short, non-traditional haggadah in their e-mail.
  • The kid-friendly Kveller haggadah can be purchased, but a free download will be sent for those who sign up here.
  • The Jewish Grandparents Network offers the “Dayenu Seder” here.