From the Desk of the Federation Executive Director: With gratitude 6/12/20

by Shelley Hubal

Disheartened, sad, angry and scared for the next generation: these are some of the feelings my neighbor and I discussed this morning. She was out walking her dog with tears in her eyes. “The world feels heavy right now,” I said to her. She nodded her agreement. Recreation Park was destroyed by fire recently. A recent weekend saw mostly peaceful, but some violent, protests after the brutal death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This comes just as we are starting to slowly come out of isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I wish I had some sage advice to share. All I can say is, “I feel it, too.” My heart hurts. My head can’t figure out how we – as a country and culture – are going to find our way to a better place. For me, this is a time to reach into faith – to meditate on the love I feel in my heart – to sit quietly with the love I have for this community and for my family – to practice peace. I know that God is loving. I know that we will see better days. The quieter I choose to be, the more this becomes clear.

The Federation, in conjunction with our local rabbis, is preparing a virtual community gathering, “Strengthening Ourselves, Strengthening Each Other,” on Sunday, June 14, at 7:30 pm. This was being planned with the pandemic in mind, but I suspect in light of the current climate of unrest that it may take on greater meaning. My vision is for this virtual gathering to be filled with a spirit that will unite and uplift us all. Please be sure to sign up for this virtual event by going to and registering.

I am sending my love and regards to all of you in the Binghamton Jewish community and beyond. Let us all stay safe. Let us all have the courage to stand up for what is just and let us all work for peace.