Have you ever witnessed a moment of pure joy and wonder? Recently, as I walked through the Jewish Community Center lobby, I had the good fortune to witness such an instance. A beautiful, little preschool student, no more than 2 years old, made a small detour on her way to the gym. As her class was lining up, she walked over to one of the large glass front doors and pressed her entire body to its smooth surface.  She stayed there for several seconds, fully committed to the experience, with her face, hands and belly held against the glass in a moment of pure wonder and sensory bliss.  I could see her young mind absorbing the experience, truly alive and so focused on learning something new about the world.  Seconds later, as she skipped away to join her class, big smile on her face, I could not help but share in her joy.

I share this story because it touched me.  It was a beautiful, magical and fleeting moment.  I am grateful to have witnessed it.  It lightened my heart and I will hold on to these feelings for a long time.  As Rosh Hashanah approaches and we are reflecting on the past and looking toward the future, my prayer for all of you in this community is that you will experience joy, peace and wonder.  We all have a choice what we pick up and hold close to our hearts. I hope you have many experiences in this coming year that keep you whole, push you to experience the wonder all around and make you skip a little faster.  SHANAH TOVAH from the Jewish federation of Greater Binghamton.