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This stream is dedicated to articles about book reviews.

Off the Shelf: Exploring the nature of God by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines theology as “the study of religious faith, practice, and experience, especially the study of God and of God’s relation to the world.” Over the centuries, much blood has been shed due to the different ways people understand the nature of God, yet f…

Off the Shelf: Biblical commentary by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

What makes studying the Bible so endlessly fascinating is that there’s always something new to learn – an interpretation that takes you by surprise or a close study that offers new insights. When authors approach the text from different angles, they illuminate aspects of the verses that …

Off the Shelf: Two sides of World War II – part 2 by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Part one of this review featured novels that looked at World War II from the point of view of Jewish characters. Part two offers a different perspective: the war as seen by non-Jews. Some of the characters were alive during the fighting; others view those years through the lense of history.

Off the Shelf: Stories by Oren and Schwartz by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I read more novels than I do short story collections. There is something about sinking into a book and following its characters through time that appeals to me. Yet, a great short story is a masterwork of art in that a few pages can leave me as satisfied as a 400-page novel. If an author can…

Off the Shelf: Two sides of World War II – part 1 by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I’ve written so many reviews of novels about World War II and its aftermath that I sometimes wonder if there is anything new to say. However, there are as many aspects of the war to explore as there were people affected by what occurred, and each offers something different. These stories m…