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In My Own Words: A wonderful ceremony with bittersweet overtones

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

One of the friends who accompanied me asked if I was going to put an article in the paper about the ceremony and I said there was going to be a one-inch “Of note” (see page 3) and maybe something for this column. She muttered something along the lines that I cer…

From the Desk of the Federation Executive Director: With Gratitude 5/19/23

By Shelley Hubal

On a Sunday afternoon several weeks ago, approximately 20 members of our Jewish community gathered in the Temple Israel social hall for a training. Our panel of three trainers, all women, came from New Jersey, Colorado and Massachusetts. The Chevra Kadisha, which literally…

In My Own Words: Here we go again

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Do you ever feel like a broken record, repeating something that no one seems to hear? The title of this column, “Here we go again,” was written with a deep sigh of discouragement after reading the headline “Study: Asian Americans don’t feel safe – Rising …

Israel, American Jewry and democracy imperiled

By Bill Simons 

“After 1967 the Americans looked at Israel with new eyes,” remembered BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowne. “It fell in love with the young sabras who had beaten three Arab armies.”
Its stunning victory over Egypt, Syria and Jordan in the 1967 Six-Day War inflated Is…

In My Own Words: Drops of wine and Russia

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

For me, the most moving moment of the Passover seder is when we remove drops of wine – the wine that symbolizes joy and gladness – from our cups while reciting the plagues that occurred before the Israelites were released from slavery. We are reminded that, eve…