From the Desk of the Federation President: Gratitude

By Suzanne Holwitt

Gratitude comes in many forms. There is the gratitude we feel for the personal or family achievements/successes, the gratitude so many of us felt when we were vaccinated and the gratitude many felt when they were finally able to see family.

At this time, I want to express gratitude to the Federation board members who give of their time willingly and voluntarily to support our community. A very special thank you to our wonderful staff – Shelley Hubal, executive director, and Jennifer Kakusian (Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton office); Rose Shea (Jewish Family Service); and Rabbi Rachel Esserman, Diana Sochor, Kathy Brown and Charlie Pritchett (The Reporter) – who keep us operating on a daily basis.

As we’re about to kick off the next Campaign, thank you to Marilyn Bell for all she does to manage all of the details involved. Of course, gratitude wouldn’t be complete without thanking you, the members of our community, who so generously support our Campaign financially and who, year-round, support our programs by attending whether in person or, as in this past year, on Zoom. It’s been wonderful to see so many of you. 

Visit our website or read The Reporter to learn about upcoming events so you can plan to attend, support our Jewish community and know how much you are appreciated. Thank you, again, for being you.