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In My Own Words: Red or Blue, all are American by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

When a natural disaster occurs in the United States and I receive a request for help, I don’t ask for specifics about whose lives are in danger. It doesn’t matter their age, skin color, ethnicity, religion or political viewpoints. Americans reach out and give each other a helping hand. I…

Hillel Academy offers quality education by Kerri Weinstein

By Kerri Weinstein

With the school year just weeks away and local parents struggling with the decision about sending their children to school or keeping them home, Hillel Academy of Broome County is gearing up to offer in-person instruction five days per week to new and returning students. …

From the Desk of the Federation Executive Director: With gratitude 7/31/20

By Shelley Hubal

Lately I have been thinking a lot of my paternal grandfather, Barney Meltzer. Known for his integrity and his kind demeanor, Grandpa Barney was a loving family man and confidant. He practiced law in Syracuse for 50 years. It was not uncommon for clients and community member…

In My Own Words: Both sides of an issue by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I’m having a hard time getting my head around an issue that’s been featured in recent news reports and opinion pieces. My problem? I can understand both sides of the issue and, while I think each side makes good points, I can also see when their choices are problematic. This might make m…

In My Own Words: The new not-so-normal normal by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Zoom meetings, social gatherings with separate tables, masks worn in stores or when visiting friends, numerous protocols in order to enter buildings: this is the new not-so-normal normal. Some of us are adjusting better than others; some of us are luckier than others financially or socially.…