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In My Own Words: Working from home by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Although newspapers are considered a vital industry, Reporter staff have been working from home as much as possible. That makes work more difficult since all communication is done on the computer, but we decided to do this because we want to follow government guidelines as best we can. We’…

In My Own Words: A second chance by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

A little known section of the Torah is giving people hope during the coronavirus crisis. At least that was the buzz on a Jewish list serve to which I belong. What am I talking about? Verses six-12 in chapter nine in the biblical book of Numbers speak about Passover Sheni – a second opportu…

In My Own Words: Ignorance, fear and hate by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I’ve read many novels that offer a view of the inner life of Christians. However, the young adult novel “No True Believers” by Rabiah York Lumbard (Crown) is one of the few I’ve read to present a serious look at the internal world of an American Muslim. I asked for a review copy of t…

With gratitude by Shelley Hubal

We are all experiencing an unprecedented and challenging time. Like many others, I am working from home. My two college-aged children are now back in Vestal. We did a marathon eight-hour car ride last Friday to clear out their dorm rooms and bring them home for the remainder of the semester.…

In My Own Words: Stocking up by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Editor’s note: This column was written before the school dismissals and quarantines in the area, and the report of one case of coronavirus (or COVID-19) in the county, but it is still relevant to current events.

When I lived on my own and suffered from colitis attacks, I kept my cupboards…